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In our journey of faith and fellowship, we recognize the evolving dynamics of our congregation, including generational shifts and the growing need for English service. Our mission is rooted in the desire to dismantle barriers that hinder individuals from fully engaging with the church. We strive to create a sanctuary where every seeker, regardless of language, can immerse themselves in the profound presence of God, anticipating the tangible manifestation of the Holy Spirit's gifts that transform lives.

Understanding that unity in Christ surpasses linguistic divides, we acknowledge the strength and vibrancy of our current church community, characterized by a profound devotion to Christ and an earnest pursuit of the Holy Spirit's gifts. Our objective is clear: to eliminate language as a barrier, enabling wider and deeper growth within our church family. The introduction of an additional English service is a strategic step towards this goal. It promises to expand opportunities for participation, cultivate a breeding ground for future church leaders, and foster an environment where talents in preaching, teaching, and evangelism can flourish, thereby enriching our church and glorifying God in all we do.

Our Goals: 

  • To remove barriers that prevent seekers from accessing the church and finding Christ
  • To grow, train and equip future leaders who can open new small groups, church and parachurch ministries and new churches.
  • To create a nurturing environment where creative gifts in music, arts, media, publishing, etc., are encouraged and supported (i.e. media, music, theater/stage performance ministry)
  • To bring believers into the intensity of God’s presence
  • Dynamic and engaging church services where gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested in changed lives, healing, marital restoration, deliverance; where revelation gifts are encouraged and responsibly utilized.
  • A thriving, healthy community of believers for whom relationship with Jesus is real, personal and prioritized above all
  • To connect individuals and families to the community of believers

Join us as we start this new journey and help us build a community without language barriers! Our first English service will start February 25th at 11:30am, Russian service is being shifted from 10am to 9am.